Happy Birthday to me.


Dear Self,

This year didn’t start the way you expected. But it ended exactly the way you wanted it to be. The way it should’ve ended.

I’m sorry for what you had to go through, but all I have to say is this: I’m proud of you. Through all the ups and downs, you continued to fight and managed to get through everything with a big fat smile. Always.

Be proud of everything you have gone through, and everything you have become. It hasn’t been easy, I know. But hey, everything will make sense to you one day. Don’t you always say “Everything in life happens for a reason?”  Wasn’t that always the phrase you live by? Well trust me, it’s all about timing. Wait and see. You are in the exact place you are meant to be right now. Trust the course of your life and take things the way they come. Accept life for what it is. Even though sometimes you think you are broken, there is so much beauty in your all your pain. You are stronger than anything that has tried to tear you down. You are a survivor. Celebrate the times you have, the times you had, and the awesome people around you. The people that have been with you since day one and that have stuck by your side through the good and bad. Be thankful for what you have and keep on lighting other people’s lives and inspiring them to move forward.

Stay strong. Be more beautiful than ever. Keep on doing the things you love with passion. Make them wonder how you do it all. Most importantly, enjoy the last year of your 20’s. It’s going to be kick ass. Trust me. You are in for one the best years of your life. I know it.
So here’s to you, miss 29. Here’s to an awesome year ahead. Here’s to all the darkness and the bad choices you’ve made. Here’s to the sadness and here’s to happiness as well.

Before I go to bed, I just want you to remember something. Remember not to settle for less than you deserve. Remember to be careful the next time you give your heart to someone. Remember that you have to be there for yourself. Remember that you are the only person promised to be in your future. Remember the future is yours.

Congrats for a solid year. Happy Birthday.

I look forward to hearing your updates a year from now.



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