Travel. Because it moves you.



I travel because it makes me happy. I travel because it teaches me heaps about myself. I travel because it moves me. Of course travelling permanently isn’t as helpful to the world as being a doctor or a teacher is.  I have every respect for people doing those  academic jobs. But hey, If I got paid to travel and explore the world, then I’d take that offer in a heartbeat.

Well the way I see it, everyone has his or her own passion for things. Some people love to sing, some get great pleasure chilling on the couch or watching series. Broadly, I’d say mine is travelling, but it’s more than just that. It starts from that very moment I get in that taxi and head to the airport and wander around watching people’s overjoyed faces. I’m always curious to find out where these people are heading, where their next destination is.

Take my five day trip to Srilanka two weeks ago. I went with one of my favorite people in the office. It was just me and her. Tete a tete. It was awesome.

I spent five days on the beach. I spent five days doing the things that I love, and the things I never had time doing in Dubai. I had time for myself. I had time to sit with my thoughts and be okay with them, whatever they are. I found out countless things about the people and their beautiful culture and even learnt some extremely valuable lessons about how much we have to be thankful for.


And that’s not even touching on all the little moments I had talking to different nationalities. I met  people from different countries and I made friends in Spain who were so awesomely welcoming and who are showing me around their city next month! I’m not saying it was an absolutely perfect five star trip, from finding two lizards creeping on our wall, to not having any water to shower in, to getting dirty towels sent to our room, but honestly, that’s what made the trip so awesome.

I learned so much about myself in these five days. I learnt that life is amazing. I learnt that sunsets on trips are the most majestic. I learnt that you don’t have to be obsessed with museums to appreciate culture, art, and history. I discovered that I’m able to do  100 pushups on the sand. I learnt that Karmel has a big fear of lizards. I learnt that I have a crazy obsession with the ocean. I learnt that I look pretty good with braids. I learnt that I can live without eating chicken for 5 days. I learnt that I need to travel every couple of months to keep my inspiration going.



I travel with bad hair, no makeup, and I get more scars from travel than I can ever count. But I embrace it fully because it’s a reminder of the story that accompanies it.

I travels and then write all my thoughts down as a way of freeing my mind and sharing my passion with the world. Write as a way to remember the way you were feeling during your travels at any given moment.

I travel because it reiterates my independent, free, and radiant spirit.

I travel because I discover myself. I get lost and find my way again.

I travel because it opens my eyes to the real things in life. The world is a huge place. There’s so many beautiful places to see; And there’s no way that I’m ever going to be completely satisfied with my ever increasing places to visit list, but I hope to see as much as I can for as long as I live.

Now you. Be the girl who travels, unless of course, traveling isn’t for you. In which case, be the person you want to be, and embrace it fully.



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