Basil, Pesto, and some Gelato please.





I just got back from a beautiful holiday in Italy with my mother. We started off at Rome, one my favorite cities, and then did a 5 day trip through out the Almafi coast stopping by Sorrento, Capri, and Positano. The Almafi coast was breathtaking, but there is something truly different about Rome.  I can’t put it into words. If you’ve been to this city, you would understand. Rome is so goddamn breathtakingly beautiful, so sexy, so ridiculously pretty at every turn that it has you thinking, this is a fairytale city. It’s also the city where my fiancé proposed, which makes me love it even more.

One of the things I was most looking forward to about this visit to Italy was the food. For me Rome is where the fundamental elements; olive oil, grapes, vegetables, basil, pesto, pizza, cheese, seem to make most sense, in a very complicated way.

I remember the first pizza we had at a cozy little restaurant close by the Spanish Steps. I was craving a vegetarian pizza, and so was my mom. I still remember the smell of the freshly baking dough made that my mouth water. The dough was crunchy on the outside and marshmallowy soft from the inside topped with grilled vegetables dipped in fresh pesto sauce. I literally felt the spark of life returning to my zombie brain.

Let’s talk desserts now. I’m not a dessert person (as many of you will know or have guessed) but gelato is a must in Italy. Buonocare Gelateria in Capri, is the best Gelato I’ve had in Italy. We literally just followed the fantastic scent of the waffle cones and made it to the shop. The lines were REALLY long, but it was worth every second. If you are in Capri and a fan of gelatos, you are absolutely doing yourself a disservice if you do not indulge in at least one cone from Buonocore Geletaria! I’m telling ya, every gulp of that gelato makes your heart melt.

Here are some recent gelato pics to feed your eyes and soul:)


Back to food for a minute. How can I forget my favorite sauce in this world. PESTO! I grew up eating pesto. Pesto, Pesto and more fresh wonderful tasting and smelling basil, parsley, pine nuts , garlic and cheese… this smell really gets to me. The scent of fresh basil blending with the comforting warmth of the nuts and garlic. HEAVEN! I smelt it at every street, at every corner. It was following me everywhere! I think I ate my weight in Pesto while in Italy.


And so on a full stomach I returned to Dubai feeling as though I had left a little piece of my heart in this living, breathing fairytale city of history, love, and food.

Rome. Until. We. Meet. Again.

Btw-It doesn’t end just here, but I will do myself a favor and end this post for now as I’m literally rushing off to make myself a big plate of grilled pesto veggies. Maybe some pasta to feed the belly.


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  1. ldr13 says:

    This makes me miss rome! Some of the best food I’ve ever had was in rome… if you’re ever back grazia & graziella has the most delicious foccaccia, feta fries, caprese, deep fried artichoke and tiramisu.

    I also looove pesto. I may have to make some with my basil from the garden 🙂

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