Our little secret was behind one door.

Hey Y’all! I truly want to apologize for being such a lazy blogger. Things have been hectic and insanely busy. But its been pretty good. Lots going on that got me totally disconnected. But I’m back! Yay! Back with more food inspiration after an awesome trip to NYC and Miami City! My love for food doubled, and my passion for working out tripled! Honestly, this has been a pretty good year so far, catching up with old friends, traveling to the most beautiful cities around the world, working, cooking, learning and staying fit.

Today, I will have to talk about my food experience in NY. One word. OBSESSED. Everything about this city drove me crazy, but the food was just out of this world. Hotbed of culinary fusion, NYC is not only a fountain of cuisines from around the globe, but the place where many important dishes originated, if not by pure invention, then as exclusively fascinating versions of things that flew in from elsewhere. I will only discuss one experience today, and that was probably best dining experience I’ve had since Dalmantino in Hvar(mentioned in one of my previous posts)

Bohemian. That was its name. According to the restaurant’s Web site, Andy Warhol once owned the space, which was also the home and studio of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. So what’s so awesome about this place? It’s simplicity. It’s elegance. It’s exclusivity. And obviously its killer food. Let me tell you more. Bohemian, is tucked into the back of a Noho butcher shop. Its a secret gem with no sign out front. Once you reach the front door, you have to ring the doorbell, and you pass through a hallway where you will find the butcher shop. Once you’re allowed in, you walk into a low-ceilinged room containing just 25 plush seats, including a couple of couches and a six-seat yellow pine bar. The room is covered with white walls with a  zen-like décor which is designed to make the artistic dishes the only eye-catching visuals. This is definitely my kind of place.

Bartenders will serve a mix of signature and classic Asian and American cocktails, pursuing their expertise with such meticulousness that each time they present a drink; our jaws would melt just by the looks of it. Bohemian serves a mix of American, French, and Japanese small plates (everything from a burger with homemade pickles to short rib sashimi), and then later in the night,  the space will take on a lounge vibe, with jazz music.


But what’s so unique about this place is actually acquiring a reservation. The best way to score a table is to get the private phone number from someone who dined there before, and then try your luck with a reservationist. You will not be able to find their number or email online. The woman who answered the phone checked with me more than once by repeating the question, “Who gave you the number, please?” “ How did she know about us?” “What does she do in NY?” They will ask you for the name of the diner who referred you, and if they can find that name in their reservation log, you should be in the clear. We were lucky, and thanks to my fiance’s sister! Bohemian offers a $55, six-course tasting menu that includes Washugyu beef sliders, but also serves à la carte dishes such as beef filet and the freshest sashimi you can ever get. Everything they do is a piece of art!


IMG_1742   IMG_1740


I was there with my brother, fiancé, and our best friend. We were having the night of our life. Every meal was more magical than the other. The ginger lemon cocktails harmonizing perfectly with every Bohemian dish served by one of the most elegant bartenders, heaven! After the most exquisite three hours, we stumbled out, wondering when our next visit will be and whom will we recommend this place too?  We decided to keep it to ourselves, it was our little secret just behind a shabby rusty door.



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