Set your inspiration on fire.


A bowl of oatmeal topped with cinnamon, raisins, and almonds. Green tea with a slice of lemon. Weightlifting.  8 hours of sleep. John Mayer. An inspiring book. Long walks with my iPod. Being surrounded with ambitious friends. Deep conversations with Rami. Interrupted cooking sessions with 2 hours of morning creation time alone. Switching my phone off. A list of questions that turn me inward. New spaces and places. Getting on a plane. Diary and pen. Getting on the subway and observing people. Islands. Sun. A good glass of red wine.

So what do all these things mean? What do they all have in common?

They inspire me to think. They inspire to make to take action. They move me. They make me want to go out and create something.

They send me running for a jog, for a hip hop session, so fast so that I don’t forget the insight gained or breakthrough experienced.

When I am inspired,  active, and nourished, I cannot be stopped. It feels like my entire body has been set on fire where what is being expressed out of me is happening through me rather than by me.

But how can you set your fire on? How do you bring it to life? I realized something. My inspiration is a result of being in the right environment, being around the people I love, and doing things that make me happy. I try as much as possible to distance myself from any negative outsider that tries to pull me down.

When you start feeling inspired to cook, inspired to write, inspired to workout, you feel there is an ongoing creative process that you need to take care of. It might feel a bit weird if it’s your first time, but it feels damn good. When this muse of yours emerges, nurture it, make love to it, care for it because it will keep on coming back day after day, and when it does, you have succeeded, you have made her happy.

Now it’s your turn to light your Inspiration on fire. Get to know your inspiration, schedule time for that little muse to enter and embrace it as much as possible, commit to it and take care of it, and have your tools in hand. Whatever it is that you use to create, have it with you. A notebook, an Ipad, a phone. Whatever it is. Keep it close to you because you will need it what that fire lights up.

I would like to thank my family, my friends, and my books for inspiring me to write this post.


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