Back with recharged batteries

I’m back. I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I was home spending time with the familia on the beach.  Sea, seafood, sun, mountains, and more seafood.  Yep, thats all we did. I love Beirut. Probably one of the best trips I’ve had back home for a while. But now I’m back to the desert. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought coming back to Qatar would be. It feels home in a very weird kind of way. Anyway, it might just be a phase. One month forward and I’m back to ” I hate it here, I want to leave”.

So I’m back with full inspiration and energy, back to my workout routine with power and this time I’m focusing all my time on my legs! I’ve lost around 4 kilos in the past couple of months (I’ll give you my incredible tips my in next post) and I’m not too sure I enjoy people calling me ” Skinny Legs” all the time. ” Your’e too thin, your legs look like hotdog sticks.” Boo.  You suck. You just watch, I’ll be back in no time.

I have loads of planning to do in the next couple of months and thats a good thing. It keeps me busy. Planning my next holiday to Europe, planning something very special happening this December (will tell you about it later) learning more and more food recipes, eating as many books as I can, and planning how to put back some weight on these legs.

I’ve come across this info graphic from another wonderful blogger. These inspirational tips get me through my day, so I really suggest you give them a shot. Stay Positive, I always say this, it gets me through my day, everyday.



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