My juice obsession


3a6b352315751de1d86cef6b70f27230I suddenly got this rush toward cold pressed juices.  The first time I heard about juicing was about 2 years ago in London. I used to visit the mall next door and it had this famous little juice bar, not sure what the name was but I do remember customers drinking that yucky green drink. Wheat grass.  And while I always say it tastes like drinking the lawn, it can be an extremely healthful addition to one’s diet. Anyways, going back to my story, for the past month I’ve been reading several articles and blogs about juice detox diets, and it sounded almost too good to be true. Drinking freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices will detoxify your body, giving your skin that perfect glow while boosting your immune system? “Why not,  a new beautifying experience is always good, lets try this ” I said.

So I thought to myself, I ought to be buy me a good quality juicer. Thanks to some of my Facebook buddies, I ended up buying a decent 495 QR which is about 150 USD Philips Juicer. Hell ya! So off we go, I decided to take my first dive into the world of juicing by attempting to follow some recipes by the world’s most popular juice experts. One of them was Jay Kordich, the father of juicing, a brilliant 89 year old man!  He marveled me everyday with his creative recipes. A mix of celery, beetroot, ginger, spinach and broccoli. How does that sound? Trust me, better than you think.

So I decided to do this but not more than 3 days. I wasn’t keen on doing the full 7 days. That would just be the end of me.

Let me break down my experience for you. It was a 2.5 day detox( I failed to make it to the 3rd day) and the first obvious thing I felt was my sudden boost of energy.  My   hair  was shining , my bloating was gone,  and my skin was glowing! And you wouldn’t believe how light I felt.  Not to lie to you there were ups and downs, moments of euphoria, moments of major disgust. It felt weird in a good kind of way, if you know what I mean.

Whoever thinks this process is easy deserves a big fat slap. It sucks. I went through turkey and chicken cravings, my stomach was calling out for an animal. Feed me Feed me!

But I carried, on. Successfully(I would like to keep it that way)

So if you have ever considered doing a juice fast there are are couple of valuable things I would like to point out to to you.

  1. Juice fasting is not for social butterflies.  I almost gave up 50 times. You will no longer become  a functioning member of society. When you are  not eating, people think your just weird.
  2. You will be a mean person.I assure you. Knowing me, this was a bit tricky. Feelings of jealousy and hatred were obvious towards anyone that passed my way.
  3. Juice fast with a friend. You can slap them when your frustrated and they can slap you back. It’s cool.
  4. You will realize that food is extremely  UNDERRATED.
  5. You will sleep better. That is a fact. When hunger strikes at 8pm at night and choose not to eat all you want to do is go to sleep.
  6. Do not gym while you are on the juice detox. These 2 do not go together. Keep all exercise light. Passing out at the gym is not a good look.
  7. Once completed a juice fast you will have an instinctive violent reaction towards anyone who says that juice fasting is easy.

So yeah, did I inspire you enough to start with that juice diet of yours?  Let me be honest with you, it truly is an awesome way to refresh your entire body and clean out any unwanted toxins. I would definitely try it out again, but maybe not to that extent. Probably a 1 day fast, once a month. So for all you healthy freaks, I recommend you hit your local juice bar, or buy yourself that a juicer and experiment.  You will see a difference.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Balsam Madi says:

    Love this babe!!!! Im gonna try it, Im hoping the fact that I dont have carnivorous urges will help!

  2. YASMINE says:

    Haha try it out! Its amazing. So refreshing!! Also try Amazing recipes!

  3. Fatima kassem says:

    Love it but aim thinking of my everyday cereal

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