Just Get Out.


How many times have you given yourself excuses to skip the gym? ” I just got back from a long day at work, really not in the mood to move.” “I’d rather hit the mall and checkout the sales.” Lame old silly excuses, try being a bit more creative next time. Well I’m certainly not claiming to be Miss Perfect but I’ve been working out for almost 10 years now and I’ve occasionally been a bit of a slacker myself.

But have you ever stopped to think, why? Why do  I hate exercising so much?  What are the reasons that demotivate me to work out? What is it that you do not enjoy? Is it that boring treadmill? Or are you just sick of that same wall in the gym you’ve been staring at for the past 2 years?

I myself was also one of those to blame until I realized I had to throw myself that curveball and spice it up a bit.

First thing I did was buy me the new Ipad Nano and stuffed it with music I know would keep me moving at anytime. I downloaded every possible 90’s rnb track you could ever think of.  Then, I realized, I had to do something about that scenery. Looking at the same wall in the gym is enough to bore even the most dedicated workout enthusiast.  So I signed up to a new gym. Awesome location, great people, and brand new machines!

I also spinned my entire workout plan. I wrote down a fresh new schedule for myself, a mix of high intensity workouts,  lots of swimming, weight lifting, and some hip hop to keep up my dance moves. My workout routine was turned upside down, and every trip to the gym now has been exciting as ever!

I would also recommend ditching that old saggy t-shirt and sweatpants you usually wear to the gym. Buy a new workout outfit to make you feel refreshed and comfortable. Proper workout gear will act like a wick, soaking up the sweat and pulling it away from your body. Feeling good and looking sexy will give you the confidence you need to give your all to your workout routine. That’s exactly what I did, and hell yes, it worked like magic!

Sometimes you need to just get out and breathe some fresh air. So go, hit the park, hit that gorgeous corniche!  It can be a refreshing change of pace from time to time.

So I say, stop giving yourself excuses and find the right workout that makes you happy. Whether its a jog, a dance class, or a hike, just do it and commit to it! You are your only inspiration and motivation, so inspire yourself,  things will get better.

It always seems impossible until its done.


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