It’s about time.

It’s finally here. Why have I waited so long to start this?  Honestly-  I was just confused. I wasn’t sure if this was really my passion, or was it just a phase of my life.  So I stayed away and started exploring different things. My BA was in Communications, my MA was in International Business and now I’m a PR consultant.  Been in the PR industry for over 3 years now.

Why did I completely ignore my health obsession for that long? Well, I thought it was just something that I enjoyed doing for myself, and that it would die out sooner or later. Well, obviously I was wrong.  I wanted to try something new, some’  completely unrelated creative endeavor—something that I could find interesting somehow. I thought if I let go of my passion for a while, I would start feeling curious, curiosity at times like this can be a calming diversion.  One of my favorite writers Elizabeth Gilbert once said this:  If passion is a tower of flame, then curiosity is a modest spark—and we can almost always summon up a modest spark of interest about something. 

So, after much soul-searching, tons of reading, advice from friends, I somehow found my way back home. I realized health/fitness is my passion and that is what I’ve always wanted to do.  I took the decision to use my passion to fuel my writing skills and start a health blog.

My Oatmizzle blog is here  to inspire the hell out of you. I want to make a change to your life and help you live a positive and healthy lifestyle. I am here to share with you different ways to eat clean, work out properly, think and act positively, look and feel beautiful. You are your only inspiration so come on, go on, do it, be inspired!

It’s about time.



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